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Chloe; A sweet dog with a broken leg.

Chloe is a 1-year-old Catahoula leopard dog mix who severely fractured her femur in a fall.  She presented to the clinic very painful with an extremely swollen thigh.









She was an excellent candidate for a pin/plate repair.  By adding the pin that goes through the middle of the bone, the strength of the repair over a plate alone can go up 10 fold by resisting bending forces more effectively.

This is Chloe’s femur just after surgery (you can still see the staples in the skin.)  At Poulsbo Animal Clinic we use the most advanced locking plates available.  With these plates, the screw heads lock into the plate allowing for the use of fewer screws and less plate contouring (bending) to reduce surgery time and tissue trauma.











Here is Chloe’s femur fully healed 8 weeks after surgery.  The hardware usually stays in life-long, but can be removed in the future if it ever causes any problems. 

Below is Chloe at her 8 week post-op exam. This happy girl has healed well and is doing great! 

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