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We repair fractured legs on tiny patients too! Little Bear's Story

Meet Little Bear. He is a 2 year old Chihuahua who weighs only 2.5 lbs!  One day Little Bear jumped down off of the couch and his toenail snagged on a blanket. His little, delicate leg twisted and broke under the weight of his body when he fell. 


His leg was splinted at another clinic with hopes that it would heal without surgery. Unfortunately, after 8 weeks it hadn't healed at all. 











As you can see in this x-ray, the wrist and paw were rotated 90 degrees from where they should have been (compare to the other paw) and the fracture had not healed at all in 8 weeks. 










These pictures show Little Bear's leg after surgery. The plate is holding his bones together so that they can heal. The plate is also providing strength and stability to the leg while it heals. 







This picture was taken 8 weeks after Little Bear's surgery. The bone is healing and is aligned perfectly. The white mark next to the leg is a 5 cm marker that we use to show size in an x-ray picture. Look how small his leg is!



Little Bear has returned to full activity and is living a normal, happy life. He is able to run and jump like most dogs love to do.  We are so happy that we could help him!




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