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Poulsbo Animal ClinicCat Care for All Ages and Stages

KittenPoulsbo Animal Clinic believes that your cat should receive the very best in veterinary care, which is why we offer customized care plans across the lifespan.

Kitten Care

Our goal for kitten care is to ensure that your pet is off to a healthy start. We recommend the following for your kitten’s first year of life:

  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Diagnostic testing as needed
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Education and prescriptions for parasite control
  • Core and optional vaccinations
  • Wellness education
  • Individualized nutritional and behavioral counseling

Adult Cat Care

CatRegular preventive care for adult cats is important for overall health and wellness. These exams help us monitor changes in your cat’s health over time. Between 1 and 6 years old, we recommend the following:

  • Annual comprehensive physical examinations
  • Dental exam
  • Diagnostic testing as needed
  • Vaccination updates, depending on your cat’s needs and lifestyle

Senior Cat Care

KittenAs your cat ages, monitoring his or her health becomes increasingly important. Thorough senior cat care helps us identify disease early and treat it effectively. When your cat is 7 years old or older, we recommend the following:

Poulsbo Animal Clinic is committed to the health of your cat, whether 8 months old or 8 years old. Please contact us today to learn more about preventive care for your cat or to schedule an appointment.